Friday, March 30, 2012

Loading Effect in PowerPoint

In this short article, I am going to show you how I did the ‘Loading Effect’ animation in PowerPoint. You can check the ‘AuthorStream’ video given with this article to see what is the Loading Effect here I mention. 

Loading Effect

We have seen this option in many places, when an online flash game is getting loaded, when a new software is being installed, or something like that. I tried to create the same effect in PowerPoint, and succeeded to a certain extend, but here is a disclaimer: this effect won’t work properly in Articulate, unless you are modifying the animations with more patience and efforts.

I will try to explain the Loading Effect in the following steps using some screenshots.

Step 1: First you want a rectangular frame like this:

Animation: No Animation required

Step 2: Draw another rectangular box within the first frame, and give a different colour to it.

Animation: Give it a ‘Wipe Effect’ from left with an ‘After Previous’ option and ‘Very Slow’ timing.

Step 3: Add a text box on top of the rectangular zone and type the word ‘Loading’ followed by a few dots( …..)

Animation: Wipe Effect, With Previous, From Left, And Very Fast. Go to the ‘Timing’ option (From the Custom Animation Window, right click on the animation, and choose Timing). In the Repeat box, type a number (I have given 10 repeats).

Animation 2: Give the ‘Loading’ Text, another animation. This time a ‘Disappear’ effect, with ‘After Previous’ option.

Step 4: Add another text box with the letters 'Loading Complete' at the exact place where we have the ‘Loading….’ text box.

Animation: Give it an ‘After previous’ ‘Appear’ animation.

Step 5: Now add, a play button below the frame.

Animation: A ‘Fade in Effect’ with an ‘After previous’ option, and ‘Very Fast’ timing will be suffice here.

You can now give a hyperlink from the play button to wherever you want. I have given link to next slide with a caption, 'Did You Enjoy the Loading Effect?'

Now play slideshow. I hope you can see the Loading Effect if you have done everything right.

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